I offer an integrative supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists designed to underpin and promote reflective and informed practice.

I use Hawkins and Shohets’ seven eyed model of supervision. This takes in 

1. Focus on the client
2. Focus on the therapist’s interventions
3. Focus on the client-therapist relationship
4. Focus on the therapist’s process
5. Focus on the therapist-supervisor relationship
6. Focus on the supervisor’s process
7. Focus on the wider context

All elements of this integration can be brought to bear both on an understanding of my supervisee’s client and on the supervision itself, but it is not essential for a supervisee to use the same integration as myself.

This will be a ‘person-centred’ supervision which starts with an analysis of the skills and knowledge which the supervisee needs to develop initially and throughout, and will emphasise proper organisation and administration.

I hold the Diploma in Integrative Supervision of Individuals and Groups awarded by The Grove.